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What We Bring to Our Community


We’re Kristin and Scott, a couple of Middle Tennessee-based travel journalists, photographers and content marketers with a passion for seeking out the world’s best street art. From blighted areas in Lisbon to gentrified neighborhoods in Oklahoma City, we’ve made it our mission to promote muralists from across the globe.


DMA was born through this ethos and commitment to capturing the industrious, creative spirit inherent in mankind. It includes voices from across the community in a consideration process that, while inclusive, demands a future that political and civil leadership currently doesn’t see.


At the heart of our activities, we’re devoted to improving not just Coffee County, but Tennessee as a whole, through outside activations and art education, among other things, and we hope you’ll join this movement.

"I really wanted to do the downtown Manchester mural after meeting Scott and Kristin, and I wanted to help them bring more foot traffic and business to the square. If a big mural was the little push Manchester needed, then I wanted to be on board.


It was also the biggest piece of art I’ve ever done, so I was like, 'heck yeah!'"

– Tarabella Aversa

Interested in working with us?


We’re committed to celebrating humanity through art and want to bring elevated artistic influences to Middle Tennessee. Whether you’re a Nashville-based muralist, an artist who is passing through the area and looking for a wall to paint, or simply someone who supports our vision to activate our community, we’d love to start a dialogue.


Please fill out the form with more information about who you are and what you do, and we’ll be in touch soon.

Recent Installations

Manchester Postcard Mural

The postcard concept comes from all over the United States in cities big and small. Eric 'Mobē' Bass brought this relatively simplistic design to life by taking a read on the location and community. The background represents the pastoral, farming nature of the region while capturing the spirit of Tennessee, in addition to a hidden motif. This postcard is designed to welcome visitors to our community while providing residents an opportunity to teleport into the countryside and beyond.



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American Eel


Ivan Roque found us through the network of the internet. We loved his work, he loved the thought of painting a triptych in the river, and a story was born. Representing a stylized American Eel in true Miami colors, this fish is an endangered species found only on the eastern coastal regions of the United States.



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Magnolia Mural

The Southern Magnolia Flag Mural was a labor of love by Tarabella Aversa on the side of Wheeler Construction & Restoration's building. Her tiny, one-inch brush was the largest applicator of paint as this celebration of the United States of America grew outward into downtown Manchester, Tennessee from the central, fully opened magnolia flower seen in the middle through an ethereal Stars and Stripes, ghostly and floating as a window into the universal symbols of freedom, justice and the American South.



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"Working with DMA's mural program was a treat. The hospitality shown to Folek and I was unbelievable. We were treated like family. The location for my mural installation was prime in Manchester. This group is doing wonders for art in the community I’m honored to have been the second artist chosen to give a public mural to the town of Manchester. Any questions I had were answered right away.


They also provided help dealing with the building owner and getting the design approved quickly while allowing me to still remain in creative control. I’m looking forward to our future projects."


—Mobē Oner

We've gotten a little attention lately...

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Upcoming Events


Part of our mission to help fund public art is the creation of events for the community. Any event that we do is designed to pour money into artist fees, paint, logistics and equipment. This concept is at the heart of our mission statement as an organization. You can see some of what we've done here. Check out the calendar below for events to support!


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Stay up-to-date with events and find out where we're working next on our calendar page.